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Artist Statement


My work involves the symbolic use of natural elements to describe the rhythms of human life.  Nature connects us to something beyond ourselves; Its energy, rhythms and cycles, including life and death, help us to learn about innermost selves, often hidden as we move through our daily lives. By observing this flow of natural energy and tuning ourselves in to it, we can learn a lot about how we can function at our best.

Trees appear often in my work; they are not only bold and beautiful, they symbolize fertility, balance, stability, growth, grace, and strength. They are used in different ways throughout my works; I embody their textures through clay sculptures, or use wood and lifeless limbs, which I manipulate to speak to a notion of overcoming difficulties both physical and conceptual. By using these elements I reinforce the idea that a “new life” or fresh meaning can be brought to the form to transcend mere associations of discarding “dead” things that no longer have a use for us not only through the use of natural elements, but also through found objects, broken glass, and various media. I celebrate the imperfections of work and do not attempt to hide process or “mistakes”—each perceived mistake or flaw only adds to character.


My hope is that through the observation and experience of my work, others will explore their own senses of self-worth, spiritual love, peace, balance, and joy within themselves and their world.

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