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Hello!! I have been busy. First, I am in an Exhibition called ART OF PEACE. This is on tomorrow, February 8th. It is about stopping the violence of guns. It's in connection with the Robby Poblete Foundation. You can go to robbypobletefoundation.org for more information on it. I am hoping to get an award for my piece, as well as it being part of a permanent exhibition. Also, I have been learning alot aboutGrant's,, and festivals for the Arts.

I am also part of a new art guild called NuB.A.G. New Urban Balk Art Guild. I am one of 5 members that will get this guild up into the world. I am faithful that we can do it. Please visit our Facebook page @nubag, as well as our Instagram page @nubagaugusta.

I also submitted an application to get a grant for my art so that I can gain the equipment needed to further my career.

I also submitted to be in my first big festival. So, I believe this year...great things are coming!

One more thing, 2 of my 3 children have the flue and been out a whole week of school. One of them are not very happy to miss school!

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