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Keep it Moving

This whole trying to get my business up and running is quite difficult, but I am up for the challenge, besides, I will not get anywhere unless I keep moving forward. A snail might move slowly, but its gets to where it needs to be no matter the obstacles. If I have any followers, I am pleased, but rather if I do or not, I know that one day I will read back to this day and smile at myself. smiling at were I was and were I will be. I know God has greater for me because he has put greater in me. I cannot win the war if I allow every battle to overcome me. My god-daughter (well, the oldest one of the 5) told my daughter that a dream will be a dream until you make it happen. The richest of the unrighteous is being built up for the righteous!

So, I must keep pushing forward, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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