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Hello. I am just rising out of the bed. Getting my day started. It's a rainy day, I was supposed to be making frames for some art pieces for our benefit concert that is coming up on November 18th. Hopefully I do not wait too late to get them done. I had a busy weekend, I like a relaxed weekend. I will try to upload some photos later of the concert and the art works we are auctioning off!

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NEW things

so, everyday I grow and learn. I have been through a lot this past year, good and bad. The bad is what helps me realize myself a little bit more and helps me know my capabilities, as well as what else

Common Mistakes

I Found this link to be very helpful!! https://reddotblog.com/the-six-most-common-mistakes-artists-make-when-approaching-galleries-3/?fbclid=IwAR0853Of5AZ3dn1wfmiFj_Cr4u_9wo8jDLWVBC94HdiB7X6ZPHzdcB4Xp

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