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So, today was a pretty productive day! One of my students had an interview at 3 till around 5ish about her accomplishments at Jessye Norman School of The Arts. It was a last minute interview, so I had to rush and get decent before heading to work. Today is Lesson Monday, so taught the kids a new art form....DOTISM. Basically how to creating a form with shadows and highlights using just dots. The more dotsthet deeper the shadow, and less dots the brighter the highlight.

Then later one I got home after relaxing for an hour, I worked on some framing for some of the pieces that will be Auctioned off for our benefit concert. I wasn't careful enough and a nail went straight into my middle finger on my left hand while using the nail gun. It hurts like crazy, but I bandaged it up and kept working. It still is throbbing. Hopefully in the morning it will hurt less. It's not bleeding anymore.

Hope's for a better painless day!

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